• The Peddler and The Crow

    Metaphysical shop in Jacksonville, NC. Carrying supplies for Eclectic Spiritual Practitioners of all paths. Crystals, gem stones, incense, sage, candles, oils, herbs, symbolic jewelry, magickal supplies. Sacred adornments for your home, ritual space or personal temple. Tarot decks, pendulums, runes or stones that will support your work. Pagan, Wiccan, Wicca, read more

  • Mystic Paths

    Mystic Paths, artists, and other suppliers handcraft the majority of our products. We personally use all our own handmade candles, incenses, oils, wild crafted and organically grown herbs, and other products because we feel synthetic items do not aid our minds, bodies, and spirits. We offer a wide variety of read more

  • Trinity’s Magickal Intentions LLC

    Magickal homemade aromatherapy for everyone! Candles, incense, smudge, soaps, oils, and herbal dream pillows! Handcrafted gemstone and steampunk jewelry – Reiki charged by request! Handcrafted pendulums, smudge fans, altar and magickal home decor! Trinks and treats for the seeker in all of us! I also offer Reiki healing sessions, classes, read more

  • Wild Witchery

    Wild Witchery is your source for Magickal Perfumes, Enchanted Skincare, Gemstone Talismans, Hand-rolled Beeswax candles, crystals, gemstones and much more! All items are hand-made by Lila Elwood & Mina Renwick, in the Olde Ways, by the Moon with all-natural ingredients. Stay Wild. Do. Witchcraft.

  • Wicked Sisters Herbals LLC

    The Wicked Sisters offer natural body, mind and spirit care products. Oral Crystal elixirs, Chakra aromatherapy sprays, Smudge Spray, natural body products including deodorants, lotions, butters, coconut milk soaps, and more. We offer yoga accessories – yoga straps & mat spray, eye pillows and Reiki infused products – Reiki Herbal read more

  • Sage’s Aromatherapy & Oils

    Sage’s Aromatherapy and Oils offers homeopathic healing with essential oils, wonderful bath and body products to pamper yourself with and leave your emotional and physical state improved and rejuvenated! Everything is natural and follows the ancient principals in natural medicine and herbal lore that have been a part of this read more