• Arcane Shaman

    A Shaman is defined as a person who acts as intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds. Arcane Shaman is a blog exploring spirituality and wellness in a holistic and modern context.

  • The Fat Feminist Witch

    The Fat Feminist Witch is the podcast where I do a little ranting, raving, and wand waving. I examine witchcraft and paganism from a modern, feminist perspective and end up un-earthing some skeletons in the broom closet. Accompanying the podcast is a blog with book reviews, think-pieces, challenges and calls read more

  • Pagan Patterns

    Pagan Patterns was founded with one simple goal in mind, to provide a large variety of Pagan themed crochet, plastic canvas, cross stitch and DIY patterns at affordable prices. Our Artists work around the clock to constantly bring you new and exciting patterns as often as possible.