• The Peddler and The Crow

    Metaphysical shop in Jacksonville, NC. Carrying supplies for Eclectic Spiritual Practitioners of all paths. Crystals, gem stones, incense, sage, candles, oils, herbs, symbolic jewelry, magickal supplies. Sacred adornments for your home, ritual space or personal temple. Tarot decks, pendulums, runes or stones that will support your work. Pagan, Wiccan, Wicca, read more


    A pagan supply store located on line as well as in Painted Post NY inside the Gallery or shops 100 Victory Highway Painted Post NY. We have a nice selection of incense, crystals, tarot, candles, hand made dream catchers, and more.

  • Purple Crystal Witch

    Semi-precious stone and Pagan inspired gifts. Purple Crystal Witch takes a Pagan path and a love for nature, and incorporates a spiritual journey into handcrafted Altar items, ritual and spell tools, Sabbat designs and various other Pagan home decorations.